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About the Organization

About the Organization

Business requires a dedicated team of people to work for it. We are the professionals to help your company thrive and achieve its desired goal.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We work with only one goal in mind- your satisfaction. It fuels us to be the best service provider in the Industry.

Complete Solution

We recognize the set of requirements for your business, keeping it in mind we are here with all the solutions of what you may need to run your business under one roof of ” VerslasGuru”.

Value For Money

We serve you at the best price, keeping your objective in center services are provided without burning a hole in your pocket.

True Professionals

Every thriving industry is run by people who follow a certain set of principles to run their business and are know as professionals. We commit ourselves to those principles and thus are best in class.

We’re Punctual

We follow the practice to be on time as it is literally equivalent to money. Also, the nature of business requires us to be punctual and we have made it our habit.

We Work Around You

Knowledge is power- we work around you to complete the set of goals we have promised and educate while the execution of targets.

Our team is very dedicated

Integrated and customized solutions to turn your ideas into achievements

Integrated and customized solutions to turn your ideas into achievements

We are an online platform armed with technology and legal associations that helps to shape the budding ideas by registration of business and managing its execution in the background. Whether you are an entrepreneur or already have an established business, Verslas Guru has customized solutions for you.

Our goal is to help you keep focused on the front-end of your business so that you can take your venture to new heights. Verslas Guru takes the opportunity to serve through the world wide web platform, everything including consultation about financial, accounting, and legal services for a business to thrive is done by us online without the hassle of physical meetings. We use extensive technology to keep our clients in the loop and fulfill the desired goals promptly. Our website and email are served through the google cloud platform which is highly secure and reliable. We have a consistent approach to work towards the implementation of technology to improve our customer’s satisfaction.

At Verslas Guru, we provide legal, accounting, and other services of new business entity incorporation, intellectual property registration, tax registrations, and continued regulatory compliance services, website development & designing, Application or Software development and designing, Security/IT equipment’s supply and support our annual maintenance contracts, IT Services, equipment’s and Technical Support, Staff Management and Solutions, Inventory Management, Security Services and sale/purchase of any products or equipment’s.

In short, we provide complete business solutions that require CA’s/CS’s, Lawyers, Web Designer, Security Consultant, CCTV/ Access Control/Biometric Attendance System/Fire Alarm/Printer/PC/Laptop & other IT/Security Product/Service Supplier/Provider or you may call them as Multiple Vendors, that’s too at competitive costing, ultimately making your business easy.

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Are you thinking of initiating a business?

Are you thinking of initiating a business?

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